Reo Andrew Prendergast

Artist, designer, and would be visual director. Born 1980 in Comox, British Columbia, Canada  

As a child Reo’s enthusiasm and passion for creative expression was matched only by his ever growing fascination with computers, which one day lead him to Vancouver Canada to attend CDIS and enrollment in their digital animation program in 2001.

After his studies Reo transitioned to working in the Vancouver VFX industry, were he contributed to television and commercial projects as a modeler and animator.

In 2006 Reo began working for Blizzard Entertainment as a member of their cinematic film department. His artistic contributions with Blizzard spanned six and a half years and within that time was granted the good fortune to have been credited in a total of seven releases by Blizzard from their World of Warcraft, Starcraft & Diablo franchises.

In 2012 Reo joined the VFX team at Whiskytree Inc. in Northern California to help contribute as a modeling and layout artist on the science fiction motion picture Elysium which released in the summer of 2013.

The end of 2013 brought a relocation back to Vancouver Canada with his fiancé, where Reo currently works as a Senoir CG Generalist for both motion pictures & television.